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Psychic Mom Robin Zodiac believes the telephone is the modern day umbilical cord to connect to your vibration and tap into the past, present, future visions. Robin Zodiac is a Mom that provides the best nurturing advice. Ms. Zodiac has been seen on numerous television networks and has hosted national radio shows for over 3 decades to comfort those seeking psychic services. You have found Psychic Mom to care for you!

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Robin was considered to be a Den Mother type, her whole adult life.
Robin connects with the voice vibration and the visions just flow in to translate to her callers.
Robin Zodiac ask for the client’s birthday and those in question and has had a love for astrology her whole life to see strengths and weaknesses to answer questions.
Robin prefers to be addressed as Mom, but either is fine with her.
Robin likes the best readings on the phone and radio with 30+ years of experience, yet her in-person readings are her favorite sessions and keeps a studio in the Culver City, L.A. area for that purpose.
Yes, Psychic Mom has worked many celebrity parties and fundraisers, but there is a minimum amount of booking time required and recommends reading palms to be able to read a large crowd.



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